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Sprint opening | Jinzhan wood industry: riveting full drive to grasp the production of condensing core force to open a new bureau

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The Spring Festival is approaching, Xiayi Jinzhan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. still speeds up the pace of production without stopping, and prepares full horsepower to catch up with orders to ensure that production and sales in the first quarter get off to a good start.


On January 5, the reporter came to the production workshop of Jinzhan Wood Industry Co., LTD., the workers are transporting bags in an orderly manner, pasting, finishing the board, a piece of board through the machine to produce semi-finished wood, the workshop is a hot production scene.


The reporter interviewed Ms. Hu Shenghan, the quality inspector of the quality control department of Jinzhan Wood industry, and she told it like this: "In order to meet the needs of customers' orders, employees carried out two shifts and worked overtime to reach the full capacity of the equipment." Xiayi Jinzhan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional production of high-grade furniture board, veneer, solid wood multi-layer flooring, building templates and other products of export foreign exchange enterprises. The industrial chain has log planting, new processing plywood and solid wood multi-layer flooring processing.


The company covers an area of 96,000 square meters, the existing standardized delivery room 68,000 square meters, the annual gross production value of 500 million yuan, annual sales revenue of more than 400 million yuan. In recent years, by shaping the brand of Jinzhan, we have fully developed domestic and foreign markets, and exported our products to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, earning more than 15 million US dollars in annual export. The annual export earnings are in the forefront of the same industry in Henan province, and it is a large-scale processing and export earnings enterprise in the wood processing industry in Henan province.

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