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Henan Chamber of Commerce and Hometown Association of the United Arab Emirates Visited and Inspected Xiayi County Jinzhan Wood Industry Co., Ltd

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In the afternoon of April 2, Li Songtao, president of the UAE Henan Chamber of Commerce and Association of Fellows and chairman of the Akiman Star Co., Ltd., led a delegation of 13 people to visit Xiayi County Jinzhan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Zhang Chaoqun, Vice Chairman of Shangqiu Overseas Chinese Federation, Tao Mingxing, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Xiayi County Committee and Head of the United Front Work Department, Chen Liuzhu, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the County Federation of Industry and Commerce, and other leaders accompanied the investigation.

President Li Songtao and his delegation visited the high-end plywood production line of Xiayi County Jinzhan Wood Industry Co., Ltd., understood the company's advanced production technology and production process, and fully communicated with the company's foreign orders, international market share, product sales channels and future development direction.

The chairman of the company, Hu Kuanyu, warmly welcomed the arrival of the inspection team and introduced the company's current export earnings and future development plans. In the future, with the strong support of the UAE Henan Chamber of Commerce and fellow townspeople's association, the company will continue to fully explore the international market, increase export earnings, and make greater contributions to the development of local export-oriented economy.

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